Essential Oils
WELCOME! Essential Brilliancy is a fantastic resource put together by a few health minded individuals who have experienced powerful results using essential oils. Like many of you who are just getting familiar with these oils we were skeptical at first.

It wasn’t until we began diving deep in to the history and healing properties of essential oils that we finally gave them a chance. The results were nothing short of amazing and we knew that this information had to be shared with others like you. Essential Brilliancy was born out of this initial spark and we want nothing more than to spread the word and inform those who may be looking for an alternative solution to the failing modern medicinal system.

What The Heck Are Essential Oils Anyway?

Essential oils are…you guessed it, oils. But not just any kind of oils. These oils have been extracted from plants proven to have medicinal attributes and the oils represent a concentrated form of this medicine, the essence of the plant if you will. The medicinal use of plants goes back centuries in the past and formed the basis of how many civilizations treated disease and other conditions. Elements from the plants are also used in modern pharmaceutical medicines, although most now contain synthetic properties far removed from nature and natural remedies.

These concentrated oils form the basis of what the plant is and posses the essential qualities of the plant in a more potent form

What Is So Essential About Them?

These oils are essential because they form the essence of the plant, everything the plant is exists within the oils themselves. In this way, they are essentially the plant.

Fun Fact: Aspirin contains natural pain killing components derived from the willow tree. Plants contain many solutions that help us recover from illness and stay healthy.

Life Changing Stories

The essential oils community is filled with personal stories that are truly inspiring. The realization that an abundance of health and well being can be realized through nature is powerful and many are catching on as more and more of these success stories bubble to the surface. Using what nature has provided us would seem only natural but we have been conned in to believing that health and wellness can only be achieved through the modern medicine system.

And They Smell Amazing Too…

Essential oils not only boast a wellspring of benefits for your mind and body but they are fragrant as all get out! There are many to choose from and you can even mix a lot of them together to create a custom fragrance.

Essential oils are also a great way to give your home the gift of natural fragrance.

How Do I Learn More?

You can start by reading our essential oils guide. This guide goes over the basics of essential oils, a brief history of its medicinal use, how to use the oils as well as where to buy high quality rated, Certified, Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) product. You can also peruse the blog for interesting goodies. We post fresh content weekly so you can be sure you are getting the latest information about essential oils. Thanks for stopping by!