The Complete doTERRA Essential Oils Guide


Welcome to the powerful world of doTERRA essential oils! I wanted to put a short guide together so you can get a feel for what essential oils are all about. I remember having A LOT of questions when I first discovered the oils but there wasn’t anyone to turn to for reliable information. It would have been nice to have a guide like this back in those days! In this starter guide I’m going to answer a lot of important questions:

  • What are essential oils?
  • Do they even work?
  • Why doTERRA over other brands?
  • How do you use the oils?
  • Are they safe to ingest?
  • Safely using the oil with babies and children
  • Getting started with doTERRA

What are doTERRA Essential Oils?


Essential oils are…you guessed it, oils. But not just any kind of oils. These oils have been extracted from plants proven to have medicinal attributes. The oils represent a concentrated form of this medicine, the essence of the plant. The medicinal use of plants goes back centuries in time and formed the basis of how many civilizations treated disease and other conditions. Elements from the plants are also used in modern pharmaceutical medicines, although most now contain synthetic properties far removed from nature and natural remedies. These concentrated oils form the basis of what the plant is and posses the essential qualities of the plant in a more potent form.

What Is So Essential About Them?

These oils are essential because they form the essence of the plant, everything the plant is exists within the oils themselves. In this way, they are essentially the plant.

Do They Even Work?

When my friend introduced me to doTERRA I was highly skeptical. On one hand, it made perfect sense that plants could be used to treat illness and disease. On the other hand, I was suspect of anything that an MLM company had to offer me. My dear friend would not stop nagging me about using the oils. I agreed to accept a bottle of Lavender from her personal doTERRA kit. Lavender would help me sleep like a baby she said. She knew I had chronic problems falling asleep and staying asleep.

That night, I rubbed two drops of Lavender onto my chest. Within seconds I felt a serene sense of calm wash over my entire body. I was so relaxed. I melted right into the pillow! For the first time since I could remember I had slept through the whole night. I woke up and looked at the bottle sitting on my night stand.

Hmmm…maybe there was something to these oils!

That same morning I went online and noticed I wasn’t the only one. I read story after story from people curing and treating all kinds of diseases and ailments with essential oils. I found that Lavender not only helped you sleep, but could treat burns and a variety of other skin conditions (all essential oils are multi-use and multi-purpose.)

I discovered communities of individuals who were sharing their own unique essential oil blends. They were using the oils for all kinds of things – from treating fevers and colds to making their own soaps and shampoos for their family. I was surprised and inspired to see all the unique ways they were using the oils. This got me started down an endless rabbit hole of education. This self education phase opened my eyes to a lot of flaws in the health system and the ways we treat disease.

I learned that the modern pharmaceutical industry makes more money when we are sick. The entire medical system is dedicated to treating symptoms rather than the root causes of illness. They make more money this way. In other words, there is no money to be made in prescribing us a real solution. Scientific studies There is no shortage of personal experiences and success stories in the essential oils community. But what does science have to say? There are endless studies that prove they work. Take a stroll through Google scholar to see the hundreds of studies that attest to the power of the oils.

Essential oils like lemon have proven antibacterial and anti-viral properties. This makes them a great all natural alternative to the dangerous chemicals under your sink! Most modern household products have harmful chemicals that absorb through your skin and wreak havoc on things like your hormones and immune system. It amazes me that people are unaware just how toxic these chemicals are. Your skin is happy to absorb any chemical you put on it. Essential oils are a safe replacement to these toxic threats.

So Many Oils…

There are so many oils available to you. Each has their own unique fragrance and signature benefits. Here is just a small list of a few of my favorites!

  • Clove: Clove is not only antibacterial but a powerful antioxidant too. The best oil I’ve found to relieve toothaches.
  • Cypress: This essential oil is great for varicose veins due to its ability to improve blood circulation in the body.
  • Eucalyptus: Instant relief from allergies and many respiratory problems.
  • Frankincense: Increases the strength of your immune system, fights signs of aging and reduces inflammation in the body.
  • Ginger: improves digestion and strengthens your joints.
  • Grapefruit: Used to treat cellulite and contains powerful antioxidants that nourish your skin.
  • Lavender: Probably the most effective essential oil for relaxing, relieving stress and healing damage to the skin from cuts, burns, or bruises. A staple in many medicine cabinets and one of my favorites!
  • Lemon: Lemon is a natural cleanser not only for your body but around the house too! It contains potent antibacterial properties that make it a naturally safe and effective alternative to toxic cleaning products.
  • Myrrh: Heals and protects skin.
  • Oregano: A powerful oil packed with antioxidants that reduce the length of illness.
  • Peppermint: An effective oil to stimulate energy for both mind and body. Peppermint can relieve even the strongest headaches and migraines.
  • Rose: Known for its romantic fragrances that stimulate sexual appetite. This oil is also extremely beneficial for your skin.
  • Rosemary: Add Rosemary to your homemade shampoo to create the perfect hair product!
  • Tea tree oil (Melaleuca): Boosts the immune system and reduces foul odors both in the body and around the house. Diffuse this in the bathroom! Sandalwood: Invigorates sex drive and libido.

3 Ways To Use doTERRA Essential Oils

Topically – Essential oils can be applied directly to your skin. Your skin is highly absorbent and happy to take in all the powerful benefits of the oil you are using. If it’s your first time using the oil, do a skin test first: Take a single drop of the oil and rub it in to your elbow. Sometimes the oils can be too strong for certain individuals. If you experience a negative reaction it will be necessary to dilute the oil with a carrier oil. Common carrier oils include almond, sunflower, and olive. You can use any vegetable derived oil you want but make sure the oil has been cold pressed. Most oils are heat processed which strips the oil of its vital nutrients.

Aromatically – Using the oils aromatically is another powerful way to experience the benefits of essential oils. When used this way, the oils are diffused with a diffuser. The diffuser produces a fine mist that travels gently through your home. As you go about your day you absorb and inhale the nutrients of the oil. This is the best way to fill your home with natural fragrance. I like to wind down with lavender at night and use something more energetic like wild orange or peppermint during the day!

Internally – You can use essential oils internally but this should generally be avoided unless you are under the guidance of an experienced aromatherapy specialist. The oils are quite strong and must be used with caution. An experienced aromatherapist will assess your complete medical situation and know exactly what oils to use.

doTERRA Essential Oils and Children


Young children and babies have especially sensitive skin that can become easily irritated with the essential oils. PURE essential oils are very strong and very powerful. While there has not been a lot of research on using essential oils with children, there are a few general safety guidelines.


Always dilute the oils and never administer orally.

Once again, these oils are very strong and overpowering without dilution. Diluting your oils brings down the potent concentration to a safe yet effective level. The level of dilution depends on the age of your child. The maximum recommended amount of essential oils used on babies 3+ months topically, should not exceed .2% of the recipe, or 1-2 drops of essential oil per ounce of carrier oil. The maximum recommended amount of essential oils used on babies 6+ months topically, should not exceed .5% of the recipe, or 3-5 drops of essential oil per ounce of carrier oil. The maximum recommended amount of essential oils used on children 2+ years topically, should not exceed 2% of the recipe, or 20 drops of essential oil per ounce of carrier oil. The maximum recommended amount of essential oils used on children 6+ years topically, should not exceed 3% of the recipe, or 30 drops of essential oil per ounce of carrier oil. By age 10, most of the essential oils are safe for topical use or diffusion for children, though you should always be sure to slowly introduce each oil individually, to be sure that there are no adverse reactions or allergies. Peppermint, eucalyptus, and rosemary essential oils are all avoided in younger children because they contain a chemical constituent called cineol 1,8 and menthol.

Why doTERRA?

You might have noticed that people get really worked up over who has the best essential oils. With so many companies selling essential oils, why do I choose doTERRA? To start, doTERRA was the brand that got me into essential oils. I wasn’t even aware that there were other brands when I started using the oils.

Because the oils were working for me I simply didn’t care about testing other brands. I have no doubt that some of the other brands are probably just as effective. I will say this though: There are also a lot of brands that dilute their oils to cut costs. Some brands have been caught bottling other liquids all together! I’m not going to take a gambling risk on another company when the one I’m with has been delivering excellent quality.

It’s not cheap to make these oils so when I see cheap oils I automatically know that they are diluted. doTERRA also has a generous compensation program if you choose to build a business. You can get payed to share the oils which I think is an awesome benefit to signing up with doTERRA…not to mention all the free oils they give away through their loyalty rewards program. I don’t know anybody who wouldn’t benefit from more money and better health!

How To Get Started With doTERRA

The best way to get started is to sign up as a doTERRA wellness advocate (WA.) As a wellness advocate, you receive a number of exclusive perks unavailable to retail customers: 

  • 25% off retail value
  • Free oils through the doTERRA LRP (Loyalty Rewards Program)
  • Eligibility to build an essential oils business and earn money through your referrals (receive 20% commissions on your friends orders!)
  • Access to the highest quality oils I want to be clear – there is absolutely zero obligation for you to build a business or meet monthly minimums as a WA. Most people just sign up to get the 25% off.


Becoming a WA already has a ton of awesome perks – but I want to sweeten the deal. When you sign up AND purchase an [optional] enrollment kit, I will send you a hardcover copy of “Modern Essentials.” This book is widely considered the Bible of essential oils and retails at $25.

What’s an enrollment kit?

Enrollment kits are special packages of oils available only to doTERRA wellness advocates. There are 8 kits available. The doTERRA Home Essentials kit for example comes fully stocked with all the popular oils:


Whatever kit you choose, you know you’re getting 100% therapeutic grade oils! All doTERRA essential oils are certified pure therapeutic grade which means you’re getting oils that are top grade quality.


>>>Click here to sign up!<<<


However, I don’t want to pressure you into thinking you have to sign up to purchase the oils. You can also buy the oils at retail cost through the doTERRA online store. Keep in mind, you will be paying 25% more for retail price.

And that’s basically it! I’m going to warn you – using the oils can become very addicting! I am always finding new ways to use them and have a book filled with personal recipes that I enjoy.


I hope you found this short guide both informative and inspiring. Please, if you have any questions email me at I would love to answer any kind of question you have. Thanks for reading!

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