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The Complete doTERRA Essential Oils Guide

Welcome to the powerful world of doTERRA essential oils! I wanted to put a short guide together so you can get a feel for what essential oils are all about. I remember having A LOT of questions when I first discovered the oils but there wasn’t anyone


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The complete list of doTERRA products

doTERRA has a number of products you simply can’t pass up if essential oils are your thing. doTERRA products are simply the highest quality oils you can find and they have a ton of awesome enrollment packages to choose from. Below is an organized list of products

50% OFF the Lotus Diffuser

Very sleek and stylish, plus it was featured on an episode of Nashville! I love the fact that essential oils are catching on….just like the good old days before side effects outweighed the original problem! Order quickly here because I know these won’t last long. Become

Christmas Diffuser Blends

Who doesn’t like all the aroma’s that we encounter during this time of year? Whether it’s my local coffee shop or my friends little gift shop downtown, I love all the holiday smells. I just wanted to share with you a couple that I diffuse often. You

How To Become a Wellness Advocate

  You’ve done the research and you have decided that going with CPTG essential oils is the way to go. GOOD FOR YOU on making such an important decision for you and your family. In this post, I will show you step by step on becoming a

Best Electric Essential Oil Diffuser

Looking for an electric essential oil diffuser? We have tested and reviewed many diffusers and know exactly which ones deliver the best performance for the best price. Diffusing your essential oils aromatically boasts a wellspring of positive benefits for you and your family. Diffusing is one of