Getting Started with a Wholesale Account

If it’s two things we love at Essential Brilliancy it’s saving money and dramatically boosting our health and well being. Signing up for a wholesale membership account satisfies both of these values and it’s so easy!

Benefits of a Wellness Advocate Membership Account

Right off the bat you start saving 25% off of every single order you place. This places you above retail customers who pay full retail price. 25% off is A LOT of money saved especially if you plan on purchasing a lot of the oils.

Signing up only costs $35 dollars and you begin benefiting right away. As soon as you sign up for the membership you get exclusive access to all of the number one essential oil companies products and a ton of perks not available to retail customers.

Here a few things you can look forward to:

  • 25% off all orders
  • Exclusive access to to the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP~FREE oils)
  • Ability to build a business and start making money (many of us are making full time incomes)
  • Access to FREE training from the Essential Brilliancy team

FREE Support from Essential Brilliancy

If you sign up through us you get unlimited support through the team we have built at Essential Brilliancy. Don’t worry, we won’t bother you unless you need our help. You are free to purchase oils through your own membership account and you have zero business obligations. Just know that if you choose to build a business with our support that we will honor your membership and help you in all the ways that we can!

Because we’ve been doing this for years we know the ins and outs of the benefits and will go above and beyond to make sure that you have the best experience possible.

Free Bonus Gift!

When you sign up we will personally pack and ship you a free copy of Modern Essentials. This book retails at $25 dollars and is the GO-TO book for everything essential oils. There is a lot more to essential oils than meets the eye and we want to make sure that you inform yourself with the right information.

This book literally covers everything you need to know about using essential oils therapeutically. We reference this book almost daily and we’re constantly discovering new pieces of wisdom and new ways to use our oils!

Get this book absolutely free when you signup for your doTERRA membership!

Get this book absolutely free when you signup for your wholesale membership!

How to Signup

Ready to boost your health and save a ton of money? Click the sign up button below to access the membership portal. Select your country and on the next screen select “Wholesale Prices.” 

Sign Up Now!

Step 1:


Select Wholesale Prices to ensure you get the 25% discount and eligibility for doTERRA’s Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP)


Step 2:

Fill in your shipping information:


Step 3:

After you fill in your shipping information you will have the option to purchase an enrollment kit. Purchasing one of the enrollment kits will waive your $35 dollar sign up fee.

Here are your kit options.

How awesome is that?

It really is that simple. Remember, when you sign up we will send the free book and you will have complete access to us!

Sign Up Now!


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