How To Diffuse Essential Oils

How to diffuse essential oils

A question we get all the time here at essential brilliancy are from people wanting to know how to diffuse essential oils. It’s a good question because its practical. Now that you have your oils, how do you use them? Diffusing is the most popular method of using the oils because it packs so many benefits. Here are just a few of them:

  • Reduces and kills airborne germs and bacteria
  • Makes any room smell fresh and fragrant
  • Puts you in direct contact with the specific healing properties of the oil (skin contact)
  • Sets the mood for just about anything!

What is diffusing?

Diffusing is a way of dispersing essential oils into the air with the help of a diffuser. A fine mist is dispersed through the diffuser which covers the room in fragrance and allows your body to absorb the powerful healing properties of the oil. Oils can be strong if directly applied to the skin and diffusing is a good way to access the benefits of essential oils without worrying about a negative skin reaction. This means diffusing is totally safe to use around your children and pets.

A diffuser uses air or heat to create essential oil particles that can be dispersed in the air

How to diffuse essential oils

You can diffuse essential oils in a variety of ways. Each method carries its own advantages and disadvantages.

The Tissue Method

This is the most simple way to diffuse essential oils and doesn’t require a diffuser! Simply put a few drops of your favorite oil on a cotton swab or a piece of tissue and place in front of a fan or a well ventilated part of the room.

Tea Candles

Tea candles can be used to heat the oils into vapor which find there way around the room. This is another inexpensive way of diffusing the oils because you might already have everything you need around the house. The way it works is a small glass or ceramic dish is used to hold the oils (usually mixed with water) while the tea candle below heats the mixture to a point where it vaporizes. This is an easy method but might pose a hazard to children and carries a fire risk as well. On top of this, the dish used to hold the oils tends to become brittle over time because of the heat and needs to be replaced continuously.

High levels of heat can alter the chemical structure of essential oils and destroy its therapeutic properties

Ultrasonic Diffusion

Dipping cottonballs into oil and squirreling them away in vents not quite your style? A more popular method of choice is to diffuse with an electronic device like an ultrasonic diffuser. These devices generate electronic frequencies that break up the oils into particles before they are dispersed into the air. Using an ultrasonic diffuser is accomplished by filling the the diffuser with a mixture of water and oil. Because of the water content this method of diffusing also works great as a general humidifier. Some of these diffusers come with features like timers, lights, soothing sounds as well as other ambient goodies.

Nebulizing Diffusion

Now we’re getting to the good stuff. This method delivers the most therapeutic value and exposes you to the full power of essential oils. This is because only pure essential oils are used with a nebulizer. There is no diluting with water. How does it work? A jet of air blowing across a small tube creates a vacuum that pulls the oil to the top of the device where it is powerfully dispersed into the room. (Don’t ask me to explain what that means.) Despite the confusing science behind them, nebulizers are actually very easy to use. These diffusers are best used for shorter periods of time because of their strength. Nebulizers are louder than any other diffuser but if you want to fill a room with fragrance quickly there is no better way.

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