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What would you do with an extra $1500 dollars a month?

Do you know three people that could use the benefits of essential oils? Think about your family and friends…..and do they know three people that could benefit from essential oils? If you think you don’t ‘know’ anyone, check out this short memory jogger~Memory jogger

Seriously consider this for a moment and think of all the possibilities. Would this surplus of cash help cushion the blow of your monthly expenses? Would you be able to relax knowing that you had this money coming in? Would this money even give you a little extra to spoil yourself with?

The little money I made instantly vanished to pay for just the basic living expenses

The little money I made instantly vanished to pay for just the basic living expenses

I’m going to share something personal with you.

Before I started started building my side business with doTERRA it was all I could do to make ends meet. It seemed like no matter what job I had or where I was living, getting by was all I could ever do. Granted, I have never been hungry nor have I ever lived in a bad neighborhood where I felt unsafe, but I was just barely making it by.

I was living modestly but felt there was more to living than just getting by. I didn’t want to just be scraping the bottom month to month. I wanted to thrive.

I am not materialistic in the slightest but if I want to buy something or go to dinner I do not want to be worried about whether or not I have the money to do it.

Is this too much to ask? You deserve the same. In fact, I hope you want this for yourself as much as I want it for you because when you grow, I grow. This is the power of building a business with doTERRA.

Let me explain my story with doTERRA and then I will show you how easy it will be for you to replicate my results…

My Introduction to doTERRA

My story with doTERRA begins like most peoples stories. I was experiencing a condition that was soothed and reversed with essential oils. In my case, a pair of bad knees. The pain worsens at night and was intense enough to keep me up for hours. Going to doctors proved to be futile. Most wanted to put me on traditional, western pharmaceuticals and the only halfway decent solution I heard was “just ice it.”

Ice helped but not enough to help me rest comfortably through the night. One day I was catching up with a friend at lunch who mentioned that she was starting to look in to improving her health with essential oils. She had always been into holistic approaches and in the past had helped me identify an allergy to mustard. Yes, this was a surprise to me too! She then sent me a bottle of doTERRA’s Soothing Blend.

The first doTERRA product I used for a pair of bad knees!

The first doTERRA product I used for a pair of bad knees!

And then something amazing happened…

For the first time in years, I was able to sleep through the night with absolutely zero discomfort! I couldn’t believe it. I had found something that actually worked.

I was hooked. It was this moment I discovered that essential oils were the miracle that modern medicine never told us about. Delving deeper in to the matter, I discovered that many of the active ingredients in pharmaceutical medications are plant derived! My mind was opened to a brand new world of health and abundance.

I began researching and ordering large quantities of essential oils from doTERRA at a vigorous rate, excited to introduce friends and families to their medicinal powers. This got the attention of my friend who introduced me to doTERRA . She helped outlined how I could get these oils for free by building a business and sharing the essential oils with friends.

I immediately signed up as a wellness advocate and before I knew it I had built up quite a significant side business extremely quickly. I was not only receiving many of my essential oils for free but doTERRA was sending me a check each month!!

I now began to see the amazing opportunity I had to live the abundant life I had always dreamed of. I knew that I stumbled across something that could not only benefit the health and well being of my family and friends, but their level of income as well.

There was no limits on what was possible.

Essential Brilliancy was born out of my passion for the far reaching health benefits of essential oils and driven by the desire to introduce others to a life filled with health AND wealth.

How You Can Do The Same

Nothing about what I am doing is outside of what you can do. Essential oils practically sell themselves because they actually produce results. On top of selling a product that has so much value, you also get a ridiculous amount of support from us. We are here to help you every step of the way by phone and email. Any questions you have are personally answered by us and we actually do a lot of the heavy lifting for you.

Signing Up…….

Ready to start living healthy? Just think about what an extra $200 could do to help your finances. How about $50? Take the first step and enroll with doTERRA as a wellness advocate. This gets you in to the program. As a wellness advocate (wholesale member) you receive a 25% discount on all of your purchases and the option to build a business and start earning free oils plus a little extra.

doTERRA Compensation plan at a glance

You can earn money through doTERRA in a number of easy ways:

  • Retail Commissions
  • Fast Start Bonuses
  • The doTERRA Power of Three Model

The most basic way to earn money is through retail commissions on products you recommend to your friends. This is a great way to earn a lot of fast cash as you begin to build your business. The best way however (and the way we do it) is to structure your business using doTERRA’s Power of Three model.

For example, if you sign up three members as wellness advocates you earn $50 dollars every month your members place orders of 100PV or above. If those three members sign up three members you earn $250/m and if THOSE three members sign up three members you receive $1500/m! There is no limit to how many levels you can go so you can imagine just how much money there is to be made here.

ITS’ THAT EASY~Three get three and then teach the same. It’s about duplication, easy duplication. We all know three people that could benefit from the oils and could use a little extra income throughout the month.

doterra compensation plan


For each new product consultant you sign up you earn 20% on ALL of their purchases for the first 60 days they are enrolled. (This is the fast bonus) This means if you sign up 5 friends and they each place $200 dollars worth of orders, you make $200 dollars! If that wasn’t enough, you earn 10% from the consultants they sign up and another 5% for anybody they sign up!

Many of the consultants we work with were truly shocked at how fast they were able to start making money with doTERRA.

On top of all this you get your own web portal (see ours here) that your customers can make purchases through AND you get our support which means SEASONED advice from professionals who have been where you are at right now. There is also the fact that you will be getting tons of free stuff from doTERRA and MASSIVE discounts on all of your purchases.

What it really boils down to is doTERRA makes it so easy to earn money. Even if you don’t plan to actively build your business, the 25% wholesale discount alone makes signing up totally worth it.

Ready to Begin Your Journey?

Join the team Brilliancy


Like I said, signing up means you receive top level support from our team of dedicated Wellness Advocates. Contact us to request a phone call and we will get back to you.

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