QUOOZ Lull Ultrasonic Diffuser Review


Quooz Ultrasonic Diffuser

For a diffuser that truly melts the stress away, look no further. For its price, this diffuser packs in more features than some of the more expensive diffusers we have used. Elegant as it is effective, this ultrasonic diffuser will not disappoint and is a favorite among many essential oil users for very good reasons.

In this review we take a peek at the QUOOZ Lull Ultrasonic Diffuser. This is my absolute favorite diffuser for a number of reasons. It is extremely easy to use. Simply add the water along with your favorite essentials oils and turn it on. In just minutes you now have a refreshing space to relax and wind down.

The lights on this diffuser are a welcoming sight and set a peaceful tone. I especially like how the lights seem to soothe rather than distract like other diffusers I have used. The light itself can also be turned on or off and the brightness of the light can be controlled too. There is also a setting that will oscillate the light from bright to dim.

Unsurpassed Style~

The style of the QUOOZ ultrasonic diffuser truly sets it apart from the other diffusers on the market.  The diffuser comes in two parts. One part is the base where you fill with distilled water and essential oils and the other part is the cover which looks very similar to a flower bud. The design of this diffuser truly blends well in any environment. Very decorative and an elegant compliment to any home. Plus they come in many different colors to match your home.

I find myself using this more than any of my other diffusers.

Features at a glance

  • High Capacity – up to 10 hours of use (200ml)
  • Low energy
  • VERY quiet
  • No condensation
  • easy to clean
  • Ultrasonic diffusion
  • Auto shutoff when water gets low
  • ¬†Ambient light you can turn off or on or set to “breathe” mode
  • Stylish!


Using and Cleaning the QUOOZ Lull Ultrasonic Diffuser

VERY easy to use and clean. My method of cleaning any ultrasonic diffuser is to use one tablespoon vinegar and fill it with distilled water. Fill the water chamber with this mixture and then diffuse until empty. You can let it run in your house but of course your house will smell like vinegar. I actually stick mine out on my back porch and let it run there.

Using the Diffuser with DT Oils

To get the most of this diffuser it only makes sense to use the best oils possible. We use DT essential oils because they are simply the highest quality oils available. You can purchase these oils from our online doTERRA store

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