Where To Buy Essential Oils

An important part of using essential oils be it for aromatherapy or any other use is to ensure you are getting the highest quality product from the best sources possible. When we first began we had no idea where to buy essential oils. After researching and experimenting with many different oils from a variety of vendors (some shadier than others) we settled on doTERRA. The level of quality, support and knowledge we have received from doTERRA has been nothing short of amazing and we couldn’t be more satisfied with this source.

Why doTERRA?

doTERRAS essential oils are hands down the best quality oils we have ever found. We know this because we have purchased and tested many different oils from many online vendors. doTERRA essential oils are chemical free and harvested organically and sustainably from the region the plant naturally grows. Other companies farm their plants using artificial environments. doTERRA oils are also meticulously tested to be Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG).


If I am going to put something on or in my body I want the best quality possible.


Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade: CPTG

doTERRA oils pass through rigorous inspections and tests to ensure that when you receive your oils they are the highest quality possible. This careful process ensures the following:

  • All oils are pure and natural when extracted from the plant
  • All oils are free from artificial ingredients, dilutants, and impurities
  • All oils are free from contaminants, chemicals, and pesticides
  • All oils are tested using┬ámass spectrometry and gas chromatography to ensure purity
  • All oils are sourced from leading scientists, chemists and growers around the world to ensure that the correct species of the plant is used and that the plant is harvested at the optimum time in its growth cycle


How Do I Buy The Oils?

You have a handful of options available to you when you purchase essential oils through doTERRA. You can purchase oils at retail price through a wellness advocate (That’s Us) or you can become a wholesale member (wellness advocate) and save 25% on all your orders! Becoming a wellness advocate yourself also gives you the opportunity to earn loyalty rewards and the option to earn commissions on orders from your friends and other people you refer.

Here are the links to the doTERRA online store. Remember, if you only want to buy the oils go for retail but if you are interested in purchasing essential oils at wholesale price and/or build a business with doTERRA choose wholesale. You can contact us here if you need help!

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Wholesale From doTERRA (Wellness Advocate)

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